Four reasons why we are not all "a little autistic"

Dearest readers, 
Time to bust another myth, hard hats on. The title is the question: Why are we not a "little autistic"?  The gif has my answer: no. Actually, the gif has the shortened version of my answer. It's an absolute no for various reasons, although I can trace some of the reasons why this conclusion might be drawn. I guess I write this to explain what I mean and potentially what others may mean when this question is raised, or more often than not, as a statement of fact where others try to make sense of autism or  try assert that they know something rather than an opening to discourse and learning. It ends up with a discourse dominated with inequality, statements, false truths and assumptions. 

Reason number one: it's unreachable  Being autistic is a state, a status quo, a way of being and experiencing the world, however this may be. It is woven intrinsically into who you are, how you exist, whatever your standpoint is. This, added to the fact that you canno…

Learning to amplify my voice: why loud is not always best

The strongest minds are often those whom the noisy world hears last - William Wordsworth
Dearest readers, 
This post is going to discuss one of my pet peeves. It has been one throughout my life, moreso when I was much younger however the more I meet people and groups of people vying for attention, clamour and recognition, the more I find myself drawn back to this. As I have grown, I have come to appreciate what actually it means to be "loud" and to be heard, what it means to speak over others, what it means to step on others trying to climb upwards. My pet peeve? The valuing of loud individuals over and at the expense of those who do not hold the power to be heard: be it through volume, power, experience, lifeworld, popularity or majority among other concepts. 
Why is this so utterly infuriating to me? For a start I am a bit of a bossy boots and am known for 'getting things done', but I sadly do not possess a loud voice in day to day life (apart from at home). Often …

Listening to what you want to hear

Dearest readers,
A question to start: are we listening to what we think others say... or are we listening to what others actually say?
How about we look at it this way. Are we placing our own bias purposely into our consideration of what others say? Are we framing  what we hear on previous experiences and also on what we would say in that situation? My argument would be that we always do this to a certain extent, for we use what we do know as scaffolds to piece together what we don't. We construct these 'new' ideas using reference points, many of which are likely to be our own. It is highly likely there are times that we don't realise we filter all information through our own understanding, but I can bet you we can become more aware. I furthermore argue that through using this filter to scaffold together our understanding, we can, and do, distort what others may mean or rather, intend to mean, in communication. 
One reason for this is the difficulty in constructing id…

Bracing the waves

Dearest readers,

Below is the small spiel piece I did on the 22nd April at roughly 07:45 BST. Here linked is the previous spiel I did back in September on something else different.  This piece is not about brushing anger off, rather explaining that we need to be aware of inner subjectivity vs. outer expression and that the two might not match, as well as not assuming and impressing our own perceptions and expectations onto someone else. I also only had three to five minutes... which I could easily overshoot so trust me, I could go on for hours.

I urge you to consider your own reflections, standpoint and why you perceive others the way you do.


This thought for the day comes at an interesting time for me as I have had an awful lot of choose from over the last three months I could talk about, too much in fact. But if I were to boil it all down to one thing, and actually the idea I had last all of - it would be 'dealing with life when it throws lemons at you'
To s…

Lonely, not alone

Dearest readers, 
I upload no photograph this time, as the picture I want to talk about is not mine. I link it here and take no credit for for it at all for I believe all comments on how beautiful the piece is needs to go to the artist. It is not my work. I merely found it in passing. I found this art piece many years ago now, when I first got a laptop when I was about fifteen. I think I was googling "lonely, but not alone", as that is how I spent a great deal of my teenage years, yet could never articulate it in a way others would just 'get'. Although I was never diagnosed when I was much younger, I've had problems with depression since I was 12/13 years old. It has really only been in the last few years I have come to understand 'it is not just part of autism' and has been released from diagnostic overshadowing. It has fluctuated between not being a bother to being a massive disruption - sometimes with a distinct reason but other times just out of nowh…

Locked in/locked out

Dearest readers, 
I've been sitting and having a think about what to write as a break from revision. My room is currently covered in mind maps as well as post it notes about an essay I think I may supposed to be further ahead on ... you could say I am procrastinating, but I've always found to over cram revision does not work and over cooking it just makes any work you have done not worth it. I had a scroll through some snaps for some inspiration and I came across this photograph. This is of a gate in the Berlin Wall - the part still up on the East Side Gallery. I remember living in Berlin fondly although very happy to be based back in the UK now. 
At the time I took this photo for artistic reasons, however as I look at it now, I can see actually it can represent so much more. It shows visually how I have felt in the past, and how I can feel.

Like you can see, but cannot reach and whatever you do is not quite good enough. And like others aren't quite getting you.

I know so…

Why are you so hard to get

Dearest readers,
It's Friday, not that I do typical weekends given my working pattern and exams next month. Still catching up from the overspill a few months ago, but getting there slowly. I there was ever a demonstration of the tortoise and the hare, I am definitely feeling like the tortoise and have a feeling I'll be feeling like one for a while yet. I like comparatively being a tortoise though, as I can't make myself be creative on cue. Things need time to organically grow and develop, although when put up against a time limit I do seem to be able to crack things out as and when required... if required. 
The title: it's a tough one. I have been told this. It's not particularly helpful... understatement... so I thought rather than me telling you the obvious of 'how I cannot change my lifeworld without detrimental harm, disrespectful blah blah, I have felt the same etc etc', I'd take you on a journey. Journeys are sometimes fun, we often learn on jour…

Challenge yourself

Dearest readers, 
The picture above: the rainbow behind some houses. This seems very fitting actually for two colliding events. Both of them I am at "risk" of being over preachy or people telling me I should keep my trap firmly shut. Both of them are at "risk" of offending someone. But given how much people have offended me in the past, recent and distant, I'm going to plow on anyway as skirting around issues only causes them to become more taboo, more delicate and more dangerous for us to talk about - all constructed in our own minds - rather than having the healthy respect for people who have a different lifeworld. Yes there are those who infiltrate derogatory and dangerous ideologies, but please do not tar everyone with the same brush as it will only show your own ignorance - something we all have but don't flash around in public. We stereotype constantly. Two groups I am part of - autistics and Christians - are also victim of this as well as many other…

Why I write

Dearest readers,  I've never told you all why I write this, apart from the mere fact that my second cousin Amy dropped to me in conversation that I should start writing a blog a good 18 months ago now. It's not just Amy's fault I write, although her encouragement to get me started has not gone unnoticed and without her telling me "I'd read it" in response to my "no one will read it", I would have not been challenged and would have not thought that I'd give it a go. I've always found writing an enjoyable task when it is self-directed and chosen. I hated English at school where I was made to be "creative" for this "creative writing" task for my GCSE English... I was always more comfortable with dealing with absolutes and detached things, things not including I or me in the construction just because I've never liked sharing things. It felt too personal. It also felt forced. It felt like I was sharing something too priva…

Reflection in the mirror

Dearest readers,
This is off-piste, off topic and a departure from the standard wittering on here. Bear with me...
Today when I looked in my bathroom mirror, for the first time I saw an adult looking back at me. Someone who looks older than 18, someone who looks like they are making their way in the world, someone who is someone. It probably helped I'd put some makeup on for the first time in a while and was wearing a relatively smart coat, but it was there. An adult. Someone in their twenties with goals, ambitions, aspirations and a path ahead of me. 
I saw a someone. 
I've never been that bothered by age really and see it merely as a societal construct with a list of expectations and responsibilities cultured by other humans, our development and society at large. I don't feel old at 26. I'd never go back to being a child or a teenager ever, for then when I looked in the mirror my reflection was not who was on the outside. The collision of alienated and lost with loo…